Offal pie launched on to market

A Scottish pie firm is aiming to get offal back on the nation’s tables with the launch of its brand new Lamb Kidneys Tubigo Pie. The pie, from Simple Simon of Biggar, is the second in its Luxury Larder range, alongside its Perfect Beef Wellington.

The company said it uses traditional ingredients for the Lamb Kidneys Tubigo Pie, including Manzanilla sherry, shallots, flat parsley, mushrooms and fresh lambs’ kidneys.

Simple Simon added that using offal has become more popular and the company now tries to use up the entire animal, rather than throwing waste away. The secret into making offal taste good is said to be careful preparation. Internationally trained chef Bernard Alessi takes time to carefully prepare the fresh lambs’ kidneys before cooking up this delicious filling.

Simple Simon’s Perfect Pies are available to purchase from selected stockists, including Harvey Nichols and Peckham’s.