Consumers support pig industry

Consumers said they would be happy to pay a little more to help British pig producers and now they have proved it by buying more of the product.

The British Pig Executive (BPEX) said that, in the first month of this year, there was a 12% rise in the volume of pork sold, despite price rises late last year.

On top of the figures for fresh pork, sausages were up 4%, bacon was up nearly 7% and sliced cooked meats such as ham rose by 4%.

BPEX consumer marketing manager Chris Lamb said: "These are magnificent figures and a real boost for the industry.

"Pig farmers have suffered rocketing feed prices and are losing more than £20 for every pig sent to slaughter. A survey was done to gauge consumer reaction to price rises to put the industry back in the black.

"The vast majority of people said they were only too happy to pay a little more and they have now proved it by buying more pork and pork products more often."

Lamb added that, while retail prices had risen at the end of last year, little, if any, of that extra money has found its way down the supply chain to the producer.