Sauvignon discount scheme yields results

ASDA’s subsidised semen initiative is already yielding results, with the first calves born successfully at Tom and Mike Powley’s farm in Yorkshire earlier this month.

The farmers, long-standing ABP and ASDA beef suppliers, welcomed the birth of twin Sauvignon x South Devon heifers and half a dozen other Sauvignon calves arrived in the second week of April.

Mike Powley said: “The cows have generally calved very easily and unassisted, the birth weights being 3kg less than our 5 year average. They are “born hungry”, being up on their feet immediately and suckling very quickly. We look forward to realising the genetic gains that Sauvignon will bring to our beef breeding herd, the discounted price being a sound investment for the future.”

ASDA’s BeefLink farmers have been able to buy discounted semen from Sauvignon, a world renowned Limousin bull, since May 2008. Previously, semen from this bull as only affordable to pedigree breeders but ASDA made it affordable with a massive 62.5% discount.

Jim Viggars, Senior Meat Buyer at ASDA said: “When we launched our Sauvignon discount scheme we were clear about the benefits that could be gained from using his semen. Despite his size and muscling, he is an easy calving bull producing vigorous calves at birth.

“We are confident Sauvignon offspring will help our farmers provide us with the quality of cattle we are after - beef animals that are E and U grade, with a 2/3 fat class and a weight range of 300-380Kg, allowing farmers such as Mike to obtain the ASDA ‘Extra Special’ bonus.”

Sauvignon has a number of awards to his name including European Limousin Male Champion at the Paris Show 2007; European Limousin Carcass Champion; European Limousin Progeny Champion; and ASDA Supreme Beef championship at the Great Yorkshire Show in 2007.

Semen from Sauvignon is still available at a discounted rate. Farmers interested in making a purchase should contact the ABP Livestock Department on 0121 717 2550 or email: livestockadmin@anglobeef.com