April webinars on food safety

Weighing and measuring company Mettler Toledo is to conduct a series of webinars towards the end of April on food safety and weighing hazards.

The first web seminar will be held on 27 April on the issue of Global Food Safety Standards and the second seminar, called Weighing in Hazardous Areas, will be held on 30 April. Both will take place from 10am-11am and then again at 4pm-5pm.

In the food safety webinar, delegates are invited to learn how Mettler Toledo can support them in the areas of traceability, hygienically designed equipment, quality data management, foreign body detection and equipment qualification and calibration, while at the same time increasing productivity.

The hazards seminar will cover the basics of hazardous legislation and protection, with the webinar split into three short modules, and includes the requirements for hazardous protection, industries at risk, global hazardous standards and techniques for explosion protection.


l For more information visit www.mt.com/webinars