Data logger at work

An Essex bacon processor has invested in the latest data logging technology to keep track of ambient temperatures surrounding meat delivered and processed at its factory.

To help it comply with tough food processing regulations, A1 Bacon chose the Tinytag Wireless Data Logging System from Gemini Data Loggers, due to the simplicity of set-up and operation and its cost-effectiveness.

A1 Bacon needed to keep track of the ambient temperature surrounding meat coming in for processing, during its storage and when transporting the finished product to its final destination. So the bacon processor set up its own Total Quality System with 35 stringent procedures to ensure a safe and hygienic workplace and transportation fleet.

A total of 20 Tinytag self-configuring wireless radio data loggers were placed in specific points around premises and delivery trucks, where temperatures needed to be monitored. Data was then automatically sent from each logger to a central receiver connected to a PC on the network. As a result, manual download of each data logger is eliminated, said Gemini, and data from one or more data loggers can be analysed on the computer network or the internet.

A1 Bacon MD Robert Cannon said: "With Tinytag Explorer Radio software, I can look at my PC and, in two clicks, have access to the temperature reading of the lorries in my yard that are in range of the receiver. And I can be assured that the temperature in those lorries is correct. Also, when the rest of the fleet comes back from the deliveries and parks in the yard, where it is back in range with the receiver, stored daily data is automatically sent to my PC, where it can be analysed."