Kendall Closes Conference with Rallying Cry

NFU president Peter Kendall closed the NFU's Centenary Conference with a rallying call to farmers.

Kendall called on all members to go out and push the NFU and its strengths to non-membrs for the continued good of the organisation and the industry.

He said that he was sick of farmers saying they didn't need to join the NFU because they got all the benefits anyway and insisted that it was vital for the future of the industry that farmers maintained a united voice.

"The way we're going to have more influence in the corridors of powers, the way we'll make regulation more proportionate, is if we have a stronger and more unified voice. Let's go out and push the NFU in its centenary year," he said.

Kendall added that the range and stature of the speakers at this year's conference, including Prime Minister Gordon Brown and opposition leader David Cameron, showed the influential position that the NFU holds, a position that would be enhanced by more people joining the organisation.

He issued a rallying cry to farmers, encouraging them to engage with the public and talk about where their food comes from and how it was produced.

"It's a call to arms to farming for farmers to carry on going out there and talking about the way we produce our food and the way we create our environment, the traceability of our food and why people should buy our products. We need more people to engage with the public," he said

Kendall said it was vital that the whole industry worked together to ensure it achieved as much as it could with the funds it had available for the benefit of everyone.

"If we work really closely with the new Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, rather than having different sectors going off and spending money individually, we can work to get more bang for our buck collectively," he added.