The Grilling

Mecaplastic's UK divisional manager gets a grilling on its S 3000 DP automatic machine

What is your product and what does it do? Our S 3000 DP automatic machine is one of a range of 13 tray sealers.

Who is it aimed at? A complete spectrum of markets, ranging from butchers through to high-volume meat and poultry packers.

When was it launched? September 2008.

How will it improve someone's business? The majority of Mecaplastic tray sealing machines are built with a partial tooling concept. This approach reduces 'down-time' during size changeover to an absolute minimum (typically three minutes). The partial tooling system is also compatible across our range. So, as a customer's business grows, the same tooling can be quickly moved up to a machine with a higher throughput, without the need to re-invest in more tooling.

How much does the product cost and what services do you offer? Price is determined by the complexity of the application and the process required.

Finally, why should people spend their cash with you? With 50 years' experience in supplying high-quality equipment of this type, we can ensure the customer is provided with the best solution to meet their requirements.