Save Our Bacon

Chefs, producers and leading food writers gathered at London's Roast restaurant yesterday for the launch of Waitrose Food Illustrated's 'Save Our Bacon' campaign.

The consumer campaign, which is supported by a number of food industry celebrities, including Gordon Ramsay, Jimmy Doherty, Rick Stein and Rosie Boycott, is aimed at raising awareness about the struggles faced by British pig farmers.

In addition to an extensive breakfast- including bacon sandwiches, sausages and bloody marys- the launch featured a butchery workshop, a sausage making demonstration and a spit-roast pig.

Managing director of Waitrose, Mark Price, expressed Waitrose's support for the campaign and stressed the importance British food production for future food security.

"I am delighted to be here to support this campaign. I think that the primary responsibility of a government is to defend people, the second responsibility is to feed them and the third to house and shelter them. So food and the production of food should be a very important priority," he said.

Waitrose Food Illustrated editor, William Sitwell, said: "At a time when British food culture is at a high we need to support the building blocks of the British food industry. When you shop in supermarkets think where your food comes from. Put British pork back on your fork and save our bacon."

Stuart Houston, chairman of the British Pig Executive, thanked Waitrose for stepping up to the mark in support of the campaign and for offering pig farmers better prices. "Waitrose has already passed profits back to producers, whereas with other retailers the profits have gotten stock somehwere in the supply chain," he said.