Morrisons’ venison burger launch

Dundee-based processor of wild Scottish venison, Highland Game, has launched its venison burger through 316 Morrisons stores nationwide.

In time for the summer barbecue season, the listing of Highland Game’s venison burger follows the popularity of its diced venison, also available nationally through Morrisons, through the winter months, said the company.

The health benefits of venison are said to outshine virtually every other meat, claimed Highland Game, noting that it was lower in fat than skinned breast of chicken and higher in iron than any other red meat.

Highland Game marketing and PR coordinator Ingela Kassander Nissen said: “This product hits the shelves in time for the summer barbecue season. It provides value with many additional healthy eating benefits. Our quality assured venison burger comes exclusively from wild deer ranging freely across the Highlands. It could not be more natural and it gives youngsters the perfect opportunity to try something they may not have tasted before. Venison has a richer, sweeter taste than beef and it is exactly this sweetness that makes it popular with children.”

Highland Game’s venison burgers are available in packs of two (250g), priced £1.99 in Morrisons. They are said to offer good value, a healthy choice for those who have to watch what they eat, and a perfect alternative to other traditional meats. The venison burgers are also available in catering packs of 48 (4 trays x 12 burgers).

Nissen added: “New products such as this, coupled with new contracts and increased demand, secure the jobs we provide at Highland Game, and help to maximise our production capacity throughout the year.”