EBLEX’s ‘tough’ and ‘tender’ campaign
Published:  15 May, 2009

A £4m campaign to promote EBLEX’s Quality Standard Mark (QSM) has been launched to replace the long-running Beefy and Lamby characters. Featuring the strapline ‘Tough Standards. Tender Results’ the campaign gets under way on Monday, 18 May, to promote beef and lamb at the start of the barbecue season.

The adverts, which will feature in press and online and are the first phase of the £4m campaign, will then continue throughout June and July and are aimed at food-conscious consumers aged 30-55.

EBLEX chief executive Richard Lowe said: “The new press advertising campaign builds on the success of Beefy and Lamby. The online execution has been designed to drive traffic to EBLEX’s existing online Quality Standard Recipe Club, where consumers can be educated and inspired about cooking with quality beef and lamb.”

He added the new focus on assurance and eating quality would ensure a smooth integration of the QSM campaign with any future promotional work carried out under the Red Tractor logo. The print ads, which will appear in consumer food monthlies, newspaper supplements and women’s glossies, will feature a team of box-ticking experts overseeing meat production, stressing the lengths they go to ensure the quality of the product, backed up by the ‘Tough Standards. Tender Results’ strap.