PETA re-erects inflammatory child abuse poster

An animal rights group has re-erected a controversial billboard proclaiming that “feeding kids meat is child abuse.”

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has unveiled the inflammatory poster in Coventry, the home of Leanne Salt - a the 30-stone woman dubbed “Britain’s fattest mother”, who has admitted feeding her kids nuggets and burgers since they were six months old.

PETA says meat is to blame for the sudden rise in child obesity and claims that vegetarian children are more healthy.

Poorva Joshipura, director of Peta, said: “The damage caused by meat-based diet is like a ticking time-bomb in kids. Vegetarian kids are slimmer, have more energy, get better grades and are all-round better off than their meat-eating peers.”

The poster was originally erected in Easington in 2006, but was taken down after the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received numerous complaints from consumers, butchers, National Farmers Union and the International Meat Trades Association, who all insisted that the ad was “offensive”.

Following a review, however, ASA ruled that the PETA can go forward with its ad, stating that “while we recognised that some viewers would find the text used in the ad inappropriate, we understood that PETA had intended to convey that, in their opinion, feeding meat to children, and thereby exposing them to potentially harmful influences, was tantamount to abuse”.