"Disgusting" butcher shut down

A butcher’s shop in Leicester has been closed up after being severely criticised by health inspectors.

Environmental Health Officers, applying for the emergency closure order, told Leicester magistrates that conditions at Kandy Halal Butchers of Belgrave were: “Disgusting, unhygienic, insanitary and generally filthy.”

Alison Cadmore, from Leicester City Council’s food safety team, added: “There were also domestic beetles, encouraged into the building by waste food which had been allowed to accumulate. The staff toilet was disgusting. The place was filthy throughout, unhygienic and insanitary. There were no washing facilities.”

In mitigation for owner Ramzan Mohamed Habeeb, it was said that work had now begun on deep cleaning the premises.

It was added, for the council, that the businesses should remain closed while the risk to public health remained. The closure order was not contested.