Jody Scheckter to feature on Horizon

Laverstoke Park is to feature on the Horizon programme on Tuesday 26 February at 9pm on BBC2


It follows filming by a TV crew last July for a documentary that will look into the claims made by foods and other common household products.

It will be focusing on direct claims such as "actively lowers cholesterol" or "improves digestion", as well as more generic terms such as "organic".

The BBC film-makers have said: "We're going to look at the evidence and try to answer some of the most common questions about organic food - for example, is organic food better for you? Does it have fewer pesticides? Our presenter Professor Lesley Regan does not buy organic food. We want to film her visiting an organic farm where she can find out exactly how organic differs from conventional farming methods. We'll also be asking her to visit a conventional farm and we hope that she will see a visible difference between the two."

Former racing driver Jody Scheckter, who runs Laverstoke Park, in Overton, Hampshire, said he wasn't sure how the footage filmed had been subsequently edited. "Hopefully Prof. Regan was convinced about the health and taste benefits of our food following her visit, but please keep your fingers crossed for us!" said Scheckter.