There's a chill in the air

Air conditioning and chilling experts from Italy and the UK have launched a new type of ultra-efficient chiller, aimed right across the European market.

The Turbomiser II, said to deliver unprecedented energy savings and take carbon reduction into new territory, is the result of a partnership between Italian Geoclima and British firms Klima-Therm and Cool-Therm.

The chiller is claimed to achieve excellent energy efficiency without the need for additional free-cooling circuits and expensive glycol, saving both on initial costs and ongoing pump energy.

The technology is said to be able to reduce end-users' power bills by between 30% and 50%, while dramatically cutting carbon emissions.

On some applications, the saving can cut pay-back time to less than a year, said the companies.

The performance claims of the Turbomiser II have also been independently verified by leading consultant Mike Creamer of Business Edge. The Dorchester Hotel in London, for example, is said to be making savings of £10,000 a month in energy bills, following the installation of the Turbomiser II

Cool-Therm MD Ken Strong said: "The energy performance is staggering. These kinds of savings are unheard of with conventional technology, and it gives end-users a decisive advantage in terms of running costs. And the savings go on accumulating throughout the life of the plant."

The chiller is said to use a combination of high-efficiency components and technologies, combined with a highly sophisticated adaptive control system that integrates and optimises performance, the companies claimed.