Kelly crowned world's fastest turkey carver

Kelly Turkeys’ director has been crowned the world’s fastest turkey carver, earning him a second entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

Paul Kelly, who has previously beaten Gordon Ramsay for the title of world’s fastest turkey plucker, carved 14 portions weighing over 14g in just over three minutes. He comfortably beat his opponent, Lee-On-Sea butcher David Harrison, and the Guinness adjudicator declared him world champion.

The carving race was part of an event celebrating the 25th anniversary of Kelly Turkeys, which took place on Kelly’s Essex farm yesterday. Guests at the event were treated to a champagne and oyster reception, and a lunch spread which included roast KellyBronze turkey and various smoked turkey products.

In an after-dinner speech, Kelly thanked his customers, business partners, family and the media for their support over the past 25 years. He attributed the company's success to the Kelly family’s unwavering belief in their product and their complete openness.

“We have always had an open-door policy. We are proud to show anyone our business and what we do,” he said.

Kelly gave a special tribute to his mother and father, Mollie and Derek Kelly. “Without your blood, sweat and tears, we would not be here today,” he said, adding that his father’s refusal to give up led the company through bad times and good.

“When the chips are down and you are the underdog, there is no better person on your side than dad, he really does never give up,” he said.

Wartime cookery writer and ‘dame of frugal cuisine’, Marguerite Patten, said that the food world regarded the Kelly family with “affection and admiration”. She praised Mollie Kelly in particular for her determination to teach the world that a turkey is not just for christmas.