KFC launches griddled range

Kentucky Fried Chicken is defying its own name in a bid to attract more custom. The fast food chain has launched a new range of griddled chicken products – the first non-fried chicken ever to be sold in KFC restaurants.

Made from 100% chicken, which is marinated and cooked on a griddle in the oven, the new range includes a Griddled Chicken Ciabatta, Griddled Chicken Twister, Griddled Chicken salad and a Griddled Chicken Variety Bucket.

KFC president Roger Eaton described the introduction of griddled chicken – which is much lower in fat and calories than KFC’s traditional fried offerings – as a “defining moment” in brand’s history, and said the product will “transform the industry”.

The new range will be trialled in the north east for a period of three months, at which point KFC will review the success of the initiative. Customers will be told about the new product range through a mixture of television and outdoor advertising.

Martin Shuker, managing director, KFC UK and Ireland, said: “We are trialling the Griddled menu in response to the growing customer desire for new taste experiences and lighter menu options.

“Our hope is that the new griddled range will become a signature part of our menu, for customers who want to try something new and exciting.”

KFC has also made steps towards improving the traditional content of its core menu. It was the first fast food chain to stop salting its fries and has reduced the salt content by up to 30% in some of its products. The chain has also removed trans fats from its cooking oil, and is working with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to trial menu boards with calorie information.