Scotch meat provides a healthy treat

Scots men prove they are the healthiest lovers, according to new research from meat levy board Quality Meat Scotland for its Feel Good About Meat campaign.

QMS found that a whopping 87% of Scots men know red meat is rich in zinc which is vital for sperm production - making it an important nutrient for maintaining normal fertility.

Colin Stewart, from Ayrshire, gave shoppers at Andrew Gillespie Butchers on Great Western Road in Glasgow a treat as he stripped down to a pink apron to turn ladies on to buying red meat for their virile Valentines.

Dr Carrie Ruxton, independent nutritionist, said: "Red meat is packed full of Zinc which is an important nutrient for men, because it helps maintain their fertility. So for men looking to give their lovers an extra special treat this Valentines Day, Scotch Beef and Scotch Lamb are the perfect ingredients for a romantic night in."