Caught in a vacuum

With the growing popularity of sous vide cooking among professional chefs, Grant Instruments has bolstered its sous vide cooking range with the introduction of a universal stirred heater. This can be clamped on to virtually any vertical-sided cooking vessel (up to 50 litres) transforming it instantly into a sous vide cooking bath.

Sous vide, a French term meaning 'under vacuum', is a process by which food, such as a cut of beef, is vacuum-packed and then slowly cooked for long periods at an accurately controlled temperature (around 70°C). Cooking using the sous vide method helps to 'lock in' the flavour, which greatly enhances the taste and tenderness of the food, said the company.

The Grant SV100 product is said to offer exceptional water temperature stability and precise temperature control (ambient +5?C to 100°C). It also features an LED display, providing a clear view of the set temperature across the preparation area, a low water level automatic cut-out, and a stainless steel cage for encasing the submersed elements.

Grant Instruments catering product manager Roy Homent said: "We developed the SV100 in response to demand from chefs for a flexible and convenient stirred heater that was versatile enough to use on a variety of vessels. Cooking at exactly the right temperature for the correct amount of time is critical to achieving perfect results when cooking sous vide, so the stirred heater had to provide extremely accurate temperature control."