QMS offers on-line details on Monitor Farms project

A new section of the Quality Meat Scotland site has been launched, which offers both a bird's eye and grass roots view of the Monitor Farms project.

The new site, available now at www.qmscotland.co.uk/monitorfarms, provides a single point where people can find all the information and documentation about the current and past Monitor Farm projects throughout Scotland.

Monitor Farms are normal commercial farms representative of the local style of farming and the environment in which they operate, and where the farmer is prepared to allow other farmers access to both the farm and the decision-making process. The ultimate aim is to improve the profitability of farming in the area of the monitor farm.

QMS technical projects manager Johnny Mackey, who leads the Monitor Farms programme, said: "The new website offers farmers quick and easy access to a wealth of information about each of the current Monitor Farms, as well as an archive of all the reports from the previous projects.

"We've already got a rich and useful resource on there, which will only get better as the projects progress, and through the use of the mapping tool, it's easier than ever to see where your local Monitor Farm is. This will hopefully enable even more people to join the community groups and share their knowledge with local farmers.

"There are 10 Monitor Farms around Scotland now with more than 500 farmers working together with a common 'can do' attitude. It's too good an opportunity to miss and I'd encourage everyone to use this site to follow the progress of their local group or even join up."

Even if you aren't a member of your local monitor farm project, the reports for each contain a wealth of ideas relevant to each locale and track the progress of each as it is tested in the real environment of the farm.

The Monitor Farms portal is now available at www.qmscotland.co.uk/monitorfarms