New fresh duck range from Cherry Valley

Duck firm Cherry Valley has launched a new higher welfare range of duck products for outlets and menus with the Farm Fresh Duck.

Available all across the UK from this month, Cherry Valley’s new range includes half and whole ducks, fillets and legs available to butchers, farm shops, pubs and restaurants.

Cherry Valley sales and marketing director Eric Jagger, said: “Our welfare standards are second to none and our Farm Fresh Duck range, is in my opinion, impeccable. We are very excited about seeing the products on shelves and in restaurants country-wide and we are delighted to be giving more businesses the opportunity to provide customers with fantastic quality and taste from the heart of the Lincolnshire countryside.”

The company added it gives the ducks access to verandas from the barns in which they live and lays fresh straw on a daily basis and supplies it back to the farms to use as a natural fertiliser.