More money for Irish livestock

Irish minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Brendan Smith has announced a fresh cash injection into the Irish cattle and sheep breeding sector worth €1.08m.

Around €880,000 will be invested into the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF) and an additional €200,000 will be pumped into Sheep Ireland, which is a newly established association linked with the ICBF.

Smith said: “ICBF has already shown the capacity to deliver more profit to farmers through better breeding, which is a key part of helping to increase quality of production and farm profitability in our main agriculture sectors, especially in the dairy industry. This investment also goes towards improving the competitiveness of the Irish livestock industry.”

The Minister said he was delighted to be in a position to provide this level of funding towards measures aimed at improving cattle and sheep breeding in Ireland. The money will be provided for a number of work areas that have a clear focus on profit and are designed to identify animals that have the genetic capability to produce the greatest profits from Irish beef, dairy and sheep farms.

In April, the Irish Government announced €1.8m would be invested into the Irish livestock sector in improvement projects and help during the recession.