Crime on the rise for independent retailers

Butchers are warned to be vigilant for fraudsters after new research showed a surge in credit card crime. Independent retailers are also reporting an increase in the level of shoplifting, break-ins, and staff theft as a result of the ongoing economic crisis.

New research by online insurance comparator simplybusiness.co.uk shows that theft by staff has also escalated, with 24% of retailers suffering a rise in “in-house” crime.

Nearly a third (31%) of the UK’s retailers have reported a surge in credit card fraud.

Almost half of retailers (47%) have experienced an increase in shoplifting since the beginning of the recession and over a quarter (26%) have witnessed a rise in the number of break-ins.

Tony Deacon, managing director, simplybusiness.co.uk, said: “Retailers are suffering already as a result of higher stock prices, a drop in consumer spending and tightening of credit.

“This rise in recession-related crime is heaping more misery on the beleaguered SMEs.

“Nearly half of all retailers in the UK have experienced an upsurge in theft and this is having a major impact on their ability to remain profitable and remain in business.”