Restructure for Danish agriculture announced

A new organisation to represent Danish farming and agribusiness in Denmark and abroad has been announced in the form of the Danish Agriculture and Food Council (DAFC).

The new structure will be put in place in the next few weeks, as a result of a merger between organisations such as the Danish Agricultural Council, Danish Slaughterhouses, the Danish Meat Association and Danish Pig Production.

Danish Bacon and Meat Council marketing director John Howard said: “Clearly, change and evolution are important, given the major shifts in the marketplace for Danish foods, and the Danish Bacon and Meat Council is looking forward to taking its place within the new organisation.”

The new DAFC will aim to provide advice and a range of additional services for all its members in the field of political and industry-related issues and will work to ensure that political factors and the market environment, both domestically and internationally, do not impair the dynamic development of Denmark’s farming and food industries.

The Council will also seek to promote a better understanding of farming and food’s contribution to the Danish economy and society as a whole and will allow the industry to collect the interests of all its members within a single organisation, thus strengthening the link between farming and its end-consumers and enhancing the industry’s role as a unifying and influential force.