Calls to secure meat future

The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) has called on better co-operation between the supply chain to ensure the long-term future of British beef and lamb.

Chairman of the NFU’s national livestock board Alistair Mackintosh has stated he wants the supply chain to work together, so that livestock producers are paid a stable and sustainable price for the meat they produce.

He said: “Farmers across the UK have seen lamb and beef prices fall over the past few weeks and, while I accept the concept of seasonality, the price drops we have seen are unacceptable.

“We are constantly hearing messages from retailers and processors about the concerns they have over future supply. My message to the supply chain is quite simple – if you value home-produced red meat, give us confidence by removing market volatility and ensuring farmers receive a fair price for what they produce. It’s easy to talk about sustainability, guaranteeing supply, and developing supply chains, but these are hollow words if they aren’t backed up by positive actions.”

Mackintosh added he felt there was a lot of potential for UK red meat, with potentially a good export market and a strong domestic market.

“Farmers, as businessmen, have a responsibility to understand the supply balance and need to take informed decisions and react to the market accordingly in a way appropriate to the long-term plans for their business,” he said.