Tebbit to dish up game

Former hardman of the Thatcher government Norman Tebbit has released a game cookery book after being inspired by a conversation with his local butcher.

The ‘Chingford Skinhead’ decided to include some of his favourite recipes in a book after a chat with his local butcher’s, the New Street Butchers in Horsham, West Sussex. The book, entitled The Game Cook, also features recipes from his wife, Margaret, book illustrator Debby Mason and campaign group Game-To-Eat.

Lord Tebbitt recently wrote an article in the Mail on Sunday newspaper to publicise the book, which mentions the Horsham business, but butcher Chris Ayling reveals that he has not seen the ex-Conservative chairman for a month now – for good reason.

Chris said: “He has moved now to London. We got a shine in the Mail, but not a lot as game is out of season right now.

“He’s an interesting chap. He used to come in, wearing a gamekeeper’s jacket and holding two rabbits – a nice chap,” added Chris.

The Tory peer is a big fan of game-shooting and decided to write down the collection of recipes, such as Pheasant with Apples and Cream, to help the Game To Cook campaign.

Lord Tebbit wrote in the Mail: “When I decided to write my cook book, I certainly did not set out to rival the celebrity chefs. For a start, I do not think I swear enough and I am certainly too slow to be in Ready, Steady Cook.

“My thought was both to help the Game To Cook campaign to make better use of the game produced in Britain, a lot of which is exported to France these days, as well as introduce more people here to the delights of pheasants, rabbits and venison.”