Organic sector fights on

The Organic Trade Board (OTB) is fighting back against the bad press that organics faced last week, claiming that growth in the sector is still possible.

OTB has been working with sector representatives, companies, certifiers and retailers for the past two years to build a business plan to grow organic sales by £1,000m in the next five years. The plan includes the barriers to growth and work that is needed with consumers, retailers and the supply chain.

On 22 September, the draft plan will be presented to all stakeholders, including OTB members, other organic companies, certifiers and retailers. Following the presentation, a final plan will be prepared for publication later in 2009.

The presentation event will take place at The Regus Rooms in London and will feature a showcase of the plan, case studies from organic companies and a summary of how the industry plans to generate growth. There will also be an update in the bid for EU funding for organics and input from a major UK retailer and a market research house.