Kill it, Cook it, Eat it returns
Published:  20 August, 2009

BBC Three’s Kill It, Cook It, Eat It is to return for another series, this time exploring the ethics of meat consumption.

The show’s producers are looking for “intelligent, articulate people” to join in a debate on the show, which will explore attitudes to killing and eating farm animals.

The show will cover every aspect of the process – from rearing and caring for the animals through to the slaughter and preparation of meat for consumption.

It will challenge a range of people – from vegetarians to meat connoisseurs – as to why they eat meat, why they choose to avoid it and whether they consider how their meat is sourced.

The series will be screened early next year.

If you would like to be considered to appear on the show, call the production team on 020 7033 2289 or email kate.nixon@dragonfly.tv