Titan cements its position

Titan Containers has acquired the Container Exchange's business activities together with the vast majority of its containers.

A supplier of ambient and refrigerated containers for storage application, Titan purchased business ArcticStore last year and has been increasing the number of its investments in the past 12 months.

Titan MD Layland Barker said: "We are committed to offering the highest possible quality of user-friendly portable cold storage units. This acquisition is particularly advantageous as many of the container cold stores were purpose-built for the UK storage market and feature low-noise machines, making them extremely suitable for use in both inner city and residential areas.

"Clearly, there are some applications where ArcticStore XXL three-pallet-wide units are a better solution. However, our preference for container cold stores, as opposed to UK manufactured modular units, reflects our belief that container-based solutions offer financial advantage for many customers, due to the lower hire rates, greater flexibility and much-reduced delivery and collection costs.

"There are also significant environmental savings to be made through lower power consumption and the ability to use rail and water transport when repositioning equipment."