Butcher in dated brochure storm

A Dundee meat supplier linked with banker Sir Fred Goodwin has been left fuming after a national newspaper printed a story of alleged inaccurate marketing.

Yorkes of Dundee has angrily refuted claims, printed in the Sunday Mail (Scotland), that the company falsely claimed membership of "quality beef organisations" in a glossy brochure, revealing that the booklet in question was out-of-date company material, printed a decade ago.

A Yorkes' statement said: "The Sunday Mail and Scottish Mail On Sunday have been harassing us through phone calls to our office, so a column can be filled. We have always replied with 'No comment' and will continue to do so. We give our customers 100% loyalty.

"On our old company brochures, printed in 1999, the Q Guild and Certified Aberdeen Angus logo R197 are on the back page. Our firm was a member of the two associations at the time of print."

The Sunday Mail, part of Trinity Mirror, reported in a story, published on 26 July and headed 'Sir Fred Goodwin's butcher faces the chop over quality certificates', that the Dundee firm was "in trouble with meat watchdogs" and quoted comments from the Q Guild and the Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society, saying both would look into the matter. An Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society spokesperson said: "Historically they were a licensee of the programme, but that licence has since fallen."

A spokesperson for the Q Guild added that the organisation is very strict with companies taking down any Q Guild symbols once they are not members any more.

The Scottish national also said in its story that founder, Frank Yorke, is a close friend and shooting partner of the former Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) chief executive and that Sir Fred is thought to have agreed a contract for Yorkes to supply RBS offices nationally.

A Sunday Mail newsroom spokesperson said: "It's ridiculous; we've not heard a complaint from them."