Cheese and chorizo

Simon Broadribb has had great success with his Chicken with Mozzarella & Chorizo recipe - so much so that one of his customers also came away with a grand prize. Fred A'Court reports

This is a great recipe for an easy-to-cook, mid-week meal. Furthermore it is a product that has been tried and tested on television, featuring as a winning product on the Channel Four show Come Dine With Me.

Award-winning Southampton butcher Simon Broadribb sells more than 80 of them every week.

He says the soft, waxy, mildly acidic flavour of the cheese combines beautifully with the distinctive smokiness of the chorizo and the moistness of the chicken.

Simon, who has run Uptons of Bassett in Southampton for 15 years, recommended the recipe to customer Daniella Merrick, when she landed a competition spot on Come Dine With Me, the popular TV programme where four contestants each host a dinner party, with the most successful contestant walking off with a 1,000 prize. Daniella served Chicken with Mozzarella and Chorizo and promptly walked off with the prize. This was hardly surprising, given that Simon and Daniella worked well together in devising the winning recipe. Both share a love of music, with Daniella treating her TV dinner guests to her speciality Amy Winehouse tribute act and Simon occasionally serenading customers with Elvis Presley songs.

Simon says the product is perfect for dinner parties, because it is easy to cook and leaves no waste.

Furthermore, each chicken fillet provides either a substantial single portion or can be shared between two for couples with smaller appetites.

Simon's main tip in preparing the product in the shop is to use a block of mozzarella rather than the soft version of the cheese as it is easier to work with. n

Chicken with Mozzarella and Chorizo


Chicken fillet

Block of Mozzarella

Chorizo sausage



1 Remove the breast from the chicken

2 Separate the wing from the breast

3 Create a pocket inside the fillet

4 Chop the chorizo in slices

5 Place a block of mozzarella inside the pocket

6 Fill the pocket with three or four slices of chorizo

7 Shape the prepared fillet and tie

8 Sprinkle with a seasoning of choice

9 Oven-bake for 45 minutes at 180F/Gas Mark 4 to 5, covering with foil for 25 minutes then removing the foil so that the fillets brown.

10 Finish with a garnish for contrasting colour