Federation has Christmas in sight

The British Turkey Federation (BTF) is to launch a Christmas campaign in December to inform consumers “on the exceptional value that British Turkey offers at Christmas”.

The campaign, expected to hit 35m households, starts on 1 December, when a series of chefs will deliver a wide selection of freshly cooked left-over meat to television and radio presenters to show what can be done with the turkey after Christmas lunch.

BTF marketing committee chair Catriona Lee said: “Economic pressures mean everyone will be looking to make the most of their budgets this Christmas, so our message to them is that a whole turkey offers exceptional value for money. It not only provides the centrepiece to the meal of the year, but a substantial number of meals over the Christmas period. A 5kg turkey will provide at least 30 meals, including Christmas lunch. You would be hard put to find any other meat at Christmas which delivers such value and taste.”

The marketing support will include a survey commissioned to find the nation’s favourite Christmas Day meal from starter to pudding, snacks to drinks and the results revealed in the run-up to Christmas will provide extra exposure for British Turkey, added the BTF.

Live radio interviews and phone-ins will also be broadcast across the UK to convey the ‘Buy British’ message and encourage consumers to support the sector and, for younger consumers, a 24-hour text service will provide shoppers with information as they shop for turkeys. All the consumer has to do is text the weight of their birds in kilos to “Turkey 64446” and a return text will be sent which will give cooking times for the bird and information on how many the bird will feed, along with a link to the British turkey website for more hints.