Search for local food hero

Butchers and farm shops who want to gain publicity and appear on an online TV channel, are being encouraged to enter a competition called ‘Meet the Producer’.

The Local Food Channel is looking for producers who would like to talk on film about how they enjoy eating and serving their own produce.

To enter, simply visit www.localfoodchannel.tv/forum and create a post in the ‘Producers Dish It Out!’ section, where you will need to list your name, the name of your business, what you produce and how you most enjoying eating or drinking your own produce. It could be a recipe idea, a serving suggestion or with a favourite dish.

The lucky winner will have a two- to three-minute ‘Meet the Producer’ promotional film made about them and their produce, which will be chosen on 28 September (Monday) so details need to be sent by midnight on 27th September (Sunday) when the competition closes.

The forum is part of www.localfoodchannel.tv – a new media website dedicated entirely to promoting local food. The food and drink-based online TV channel is officially launching this month and is said to provide a platform for producers to connect with consumers, allowing them to be seen and heard.