The Grilling

Constant Instrument's sales manager gets a grilling on its THS/MS21 metal detector

What is your product and what does it do?

The CEIA THS/MS21 metal detection system operates on an innovative detection principle, providing an enhanced level of protection against metal contaminates in food products. It can detect contaminant particles at high speed, even in difficult, highly conductive products such as those with high levels of salt or fat.


Who is it aimed at?

Food producers, including meat suppliers, wishing to use the highest degree of quality control inspection and assurance of due diligence. It will be launched at the PPMA Show this September.


How will it improve a business?

By enabling quality food producers to meet the highest grades of audit protocols issued by the supermarkets. It also introduces a new high standard of data recording and traceability.


How much does the product cost and what services do you offer?

Our metal detection systems are usually bespoke and costed accordingly. In terms of providing the latest technology, this system has to be credited as cost-effective.


So why should people spend their cash with you?

Because the technical advances in this new machine provide a level of detection sensitivity that just isn't available elsewhere. The technology will be adopted as a standard in years to come.