Rational takes the guessing out of cooking joints

Oven-maker Rational reckons it can take all the guesswork out of roasting meats for butchers and reduce shrinkage with the SelfCooking Center.

To use the SelfCooking Center, Rational recommends just putting the joint into the cooking cabinet, selecting roast and everything else is done automatically. If required, the butcher can choose how the joint needs to be done - either rare, medium or well done on the inside and crispy or soft on the outside - and that is all there is to it claims the company. The meat is automatically seared and then cooked very gently with ClimaSoft, a special process that makes meat tender. With overnight roasting, the butcher can cook different meat joints and poultry at the same time so they are ready to be sliced cold the next day.

The SelfCooking Center is said to reduce shrinkage by up to 22% on the meat joints it cooks, representing a significant saving and a subsequent boost in profits. Rational said the SelfCooking Center is extremely economical to run, energy-efficient and reduces labour costs and that once the unit is set into action, no supervision is required apart from opening the door and taking out the cooked meat.

The machine can even clean itself; all the user has to do is pop in the special cleaning tabs and set the cleaning programme into operation.

The new CareControl function on the SelfCooking Center is said to constantly monitor the unit and makes sure that cleaning only takes place when it is needed.