Hail a Hunk of Scotch Beef

One of Scotland's finest exports has been sent south to tempt Londonders to take a hunk home as 'Glen' the manly mascot of Scotch Beef is launched on cabs throughout the city.

It's part of an ongoing campaign to get more London consumers to trade-up their food this Easter and take home the tasty qualities of Scotch Beef.

Spend on identified "Premium" Scotch Beef over the 12 weeks covering the festive period increased by 15%.

Head of marketing for red meat promotion body Quality Meat Scotland, Laurent Vernet, said: "Easter is a great opportunity to sit down with your family and enjoy a great meal together. With people's increasingly busy lives these chances become so rare, so why risk using inferior quality beef at the centre of your meal. Scotch Beef is a revered product throughout the world, with global recognition of its guarantees on traceability and high welfare standards.

"Offering consumers an insight into the healthy outdoors lifestyle that goes into rearing Scotch Beef, our Scottish hunk 'Glen' is set to be a familiar sight around London as he graces 250 cabs throughout the capital."

England is the single biggest market for Scotch Beef, accounting for more than £100 million of all sales annually, and Londoners alone eat nearly 20% of all beef consumed in Great Britain.

The main feature shoppers are willing to pay extra money for is quality, with 42% of shoppers saying they are ready to spend more on better quality food and drink

Vernet added: "Consumers are showing a greater than ever interest in food and its origin, with many believing that the use of high quality ingredients in premium foods can contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

"'Cooking for your whole family can be stressful enough without having to worry about the quality of the meat you are serving, so look for the Scotch Beef logo and you can be assured that you are bringing home a world renown product featured on the menus of some of the best restaurants in the world."

The kilted Scot is making his first foray south this year, but has become a familiar face in the capital having fronted a high profile London Underground campaign in 2007.

Scotch Beef is available in retailers and restaurants throughout London, to find a local butcher visit www.scotchbutchersclub.org or for a restaurant www.scotchbeefclub.org