Concern over EU transport proposals

The NFUS has claimed that traditional Scottish livestock production is under threat from “impractical” and “costly” transport proposals being driven by the European Commission.

The union said it had received a leaked copy of animal transport proposals passing through departments within the European Commission, including proposals to cut allowed journey lengths, specific restrictions on the transport of animals to abattoirs, lower stocking densities for livestock on vehicles and greater restrictions on the onward movement of animals passing through markets.

NFUS vice-president Nigel Miller said: “There is absolutely no doubt that these latest Commission proposals to amend Animal Transport Regulation 1/2005 have the potential to seriously undermine Scotland’s livestock industry at a time when we are looking to stabilise and grow our cattle, sheep and pig sectors.

“The draft proposal, which advocates more stringent regulations, is a knee-jerk reaction to the fact that the current Regulation is not being properly enforced in mainland Europe. Here in Scotland, we have a record on animal welfare that we can be justifiably proud of.”

A meeting with industry stakeholders was called on 11 September (Friday) to discuss the proposals and how to deal with them.

“We are alive to the dangers posed by this consultation and will sit down with industry colleagues this week to discuss the issue. We will also provide a briefing to politicians and our members in the next few days,” added Miller.