The Grilling

What is your product and what does it do?

The Freshline Liquid Nitrogen Injection Solution (LIN-IS) is a system that injects liquid nitrogen directly into the mixing or forming process. It can be retrofitted on to most mixers and formers and is a more effective refrigerant than CO2. The immediate heat transfer ensures rapid cooling, which improves product quality and reduces bacterial growth, while cutting gas consumption and minimising nitrogen wastage.

Who is it aimed at?

It is ideal for meat and poultry processors - particularly those involved in burgers, patties and similar formed product applications - as well as ready meal manufacturers.

When was it launched?

The LIN-IS was originally launched in 2008 and has been consistently improved and refined since then.

How will it improve someone's business?

By providing consistent and repeatable cooling, ensuring precise temperature control, reducing fat breakdown and enhancing appearance, it makes products look and taste better. It can also enable valuable cost savings and improvements in consistency and efficiency.

How much does it cost and what services do you offer?

Cost depends on the complexity of the application and the performance parameters required. Our services are a key aspect of our offering, and include full technical support before, during and after installation, gas management services and equipment inspection and maintenance.

Finally, why should people spend their cash with you?

Because the future is cryogenic! Mechanical and batch chilling are slow, laborious, inconsistent processes, which can require large upfront capital investment. Cryogenic technology is quicker and more flexible, dramatically improves product quality and doesn't require that major financial commitment.