Scientific breakthrough to help flock

A bird handling firm and a chemical expert have teamed up to produce a crate that will reduce bacterial contamination in poultry flocks. In what is reckoned to be a world first, a trial of protected chicken crates by antimicrobial protection solution provider BioCote and bird handler Anglia Autoflow has shown that silver antimicrobial protection can help reduce the risk of cross-contamination of harmful Campylobacter among poultry flocks. As a result a new range of poultry transportation crates with antimicrobial protection has been launched.

BioCote microbiologist Richard Hastings said: "This is an important and innovative use of antimicrobial technology. Crates with BioCote protection harboured fewer bacteria and Campylobacter, which suggests they are less likely to pass bacteria from flock to flock."

Campylobacter is commonly found in the guts of chickens. Transportation crates used to carry chickens from farms to processing plants are known to get contaminated with Campylobacter and can cross-contaminate and infect unrelated flocks.

Anglia Autoflow sales director Barry Landymore added: "By using BioCote technology we hope to reduce the instance of Campylobacter on our crates, leading to cleaner, more hygienic and safer poultry transportation."