Classic British dishes forgotten

A worrying number of UK inhabitants have never tasted traditional British dishes such as Toad in the Hole a survey has revealed.

Research done by tourist and accommodation website iknow-uk.com has found that half of Brits have never tasted dishes such as Toad in the Hole and struggled to name its main components of sausage in Yorkshire pudding batter.

iknow-uk’s MD Marcus Simmons said: “We think it’s a huge shame that British dishes which were previously commonplace seem to be fading into obscurity.

“Whereas most British households serve pasta or pizza maybe two to three times a week, they might sit down to a traditional British roast dinner just once a month. It’s important that we support British farmers and growers by bringing classic British recipes to the family dinner table more often.”

While more than 90% enjoy having Indian and Italian dishes such as curry, pizza and pasta at least once a week, the good news for butchers is that when asked to name their signature dish, 38% of people asked said Spaghetti Bolognese followed by 24% opting for Chilli Con Carne and a fifth going for Lasagne. Only 7% mentioned British dishes such as Shepherd’s Pie or an English Breakfast.

The survey also highlighted the fact that previously popular British recipes are dying out as a third of people admitted to not knowing what was in Toad in the Hole.

Alexia Robinson, British Food Fortnight founder, added: “When I started British Food Fortnight eight years ago I joked that the aim was to make us more like the French and the Italians whose love of their national food is ingrained in their consciousness. Well, according to this survey, what a long way we still have to go!”