Farmers get web advice on anaerobic digestion

The NFU is advising members interested in anaerobic digestion (AD) to log onto a new ‘one-stop-shop’ website for comprehensive advice, including cost guidelines.

The biogas-info.co.uk site brings together key information previously only available in separate locations, and is aimed at those working in agriculture, industry or local government who are new to AD.

It offers advice on biogas, digestate and feedstocks, as well as information on planning permission and environmental permits. Visitors also get access to details of incentives and funding for new AD projects, and there is a cost calculator to assess the economics of investing in new AD facilities.

“This gives a comprehensive overview of the issues farmers interested in AD will need to consider,” said NFU bio-energy policy adviser Ruth Digby.

“It not only includes the capital costs assessment and potential costs and income, but it will also give an indication of the land required to use the digestate and gives a sensitivity table to rank the variables that have the greatest impact on business profitability.

“The NFU has a vision for 1,000 on-farm AD plants by 2020 and we firmly believe AD can add value to the agricultural sector, while demonstrating how farmers can provide part of the solution to the problem of climate change.”

The site has been developed by NNFCC - the UK’s National Centre for renewable materials and technologies, which provides independent advice and information to industry, Government and the general public.