Welsh aim for new food strategy

A new Food and Drink from Wales Strategy will help to advise on the best way forward for the red meat, dairy, organic and horticulture sectors.

Welsh Assembly Rural Affairs Minister, Elin Jones, said that various existing food strategies were being brought together in the forthcoming strategy, which is being worked on by the Food and Drink Advisory Partnership and the sector specific strategy groups.

In response to calls from the Rural Development sub-committee for a regional food champion, Jones said she had recently appointed Dr Haydn Edwards as chair of the Food and Drink Advisory Partnership for Wales.


“Dr Edwards will oversee the food promotion agenda in Wales and will work closely with the industry. In addition, the process of appointing a True Taste Champion has been underway since May as part of the Welsh True Taste Awards, and will be announced in November.”


Jones said the Welsh Assembly Government aimed to support a viable and sustainable food system in Wales. “I am working with the industry and colleagues in Wales and beyond on how best to balance the challenges of increased food production and energy needs with the need to protect our environment for the immediate and long term future.”