Market prices

UK livestock price trends analysis


The deadweight cattle trade eased in the week ended 19 September. Both the steer and heifer averages fell by 2p to 279.1p and 276.8p per kg, respectively. The young bull average fell by 4p to average 265p per kg. The deadweight cull cow price eased to 180.7p per kg, down 6p on the week.
UK prime cattle slaughterings during August totalled 143,000 head, 4% higher than a year ago. Heifer throughputs increased by 6% while steer slaughterings were 1% higher on the year. Young bull slaughterings were up 9%.


In week ended 19 September the GB SQQ was 144.1p per kg. However, by Wednesday 23 September, the SQQ had eased to 133.4p per kg. As a result of tight supplies the cull ewe price increased by 3% to just under 47 per head in the week ended 19 September. Following the trend in prime lamb prices, the cull ewe price had fallen to 39 per head by 23 September.
In the week ended 19 September, the average deadweight SQQ increased by 5p on the previous week to 326.8p per kg, 38% higher than in 2008. UK clean sheep slaughterings during August totalled 1.2m head, a decline of 1% compared to August 2008. In England and Wales slaughterings were down 4% although in Scotland they were 20% higher than in August 2008.


The DAPP fell by a penny last week to 149.49p per kg. The differential between this year's and last year's price has narrowed to 14p per kg from 30p earlier in the year. The export specification sow price edged up to over 116p per kg.

In August, 7% more clean pigs were slaughtered in the UK than in the same month last year. It meant that over the eight months to August slaughterings were down less than 2% on 2008 levels.