Carbon Trust targets animal feed emissions

The Carbon Trust is offering animal feed producers up to £250,000 in funding to discover ways to cut carbon emissions.

The collaborative programme hopes to formulate software that will determine the relationship between materials used in animal feed and energy consumed in the process that will help deliver significant energy savings. It also wants to trial energy efficient press machines, which account for more than 40% of the energy cost in animal feed mills.

Dr Mark Williamson, director of innovations at the Carbon Trust, said it was funding new activities as part of its Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator to prove the business case for investing in technologies and processes that help reduce these emissions.

"The energy cost of a typical mill producing 250,000 tonnes of feed per year is around £750,000," said Williamson. "With energy accounting for up to 30% of an animal feed mill's variable costs, this is an opportunity for companies to unlock major cost savings."

It is expected that those companies which partner with the Carbon Trust will make a minimum 40% contribution to the cost of the work cash or 'in-kind'. Companies interested in joining the programme (including feed producers, feed additive manufacturers, press machine manufacturers and universities) are invited to submit proposals for funding by 18 November.