Greenpeace praises pressure from Princes

Four of Brazil’s leading beef suppliers have signed on the dotted line to support a ban on the purchase of cattle from illegally deforested areas of the Amazon.

At an official signing ceremony in Sao Paulo recently, JBS-Friboi, Marfrig, Bertin and Minerva, all signed up to the Greenpeace scheme.


The environmental group paid tribute to UK companies, including food giant Princes, for putting pressure on its suppliers to back the ban.

Greenpeace executive director John Sauven said: “Today’s announcement is a significant victory in the fight to protect the Amazon. Cattle ranching is the single biggest cause of deforestation globally, and the fact that these multibillion dollar companies have committed to cleaning up their supply chains will lead to real change in the Amazon.

“British companies have helped make this happen by getting tough with their suppliers, but this is not the end of the story. We now need to make sure that this agreement is properly enforced and extended to the entire cattle industry in Brazil.”

A spokesperson from Princes said: “Princes has held detailed discussions with our Brazilian suppliers regarding a moratorium on deforestation for cattle in the Amazon biome.

“While Princes specifies that its beef products sourced from Brazil use meat only from livestock reared in long-established ranch areas, the company supports the need to bring about an industry-wide agreement to end deforestation.

“Princes requires its suppliers in Brazil to operate in line with the principles outlined in Greenpeace’s Commit or Cancel policy and we will continue to engage with our suppliers and NGOs to ensure that these conditions are being met.”