Peter's launches meaty slices

Welsh pie manufacturer Peterís Food is targeting the youth market with a new range of classic recipe meaty slices.

The slices, which will form part of Peterís Premier Range, are available in eight meat-based flavours: Spicy Chicken Fajita using Discovery seasoning, Ham and Pilgrimís Choice Cheese, Chicken and Mushroom, Chicken Tikka, Chilli Beef, Cheesy Bean and Sausage, Steak and Peppered Steak.

James Osgood, marketing director at Peterís said: ďThese are classic recipes with delicious twists and will be wrapped in attention-grabbing packaging, designed perfectly for hand-held eating, with each flavour featuring a unique and contemporary design.Ē

The UK slices market is already worth £120m and is booming, Osgood added. He said that Peterís is keen to grab a larger market share and pointed out that sales of slices in the companyís other ranges have grown by 66% this year.

Peterís Premier Range, which includes pies, pasties and sausage rolls, was launched in September 2008. Since then, the range has seen a number of successful team-ups including Welsh brewer Brains, as well as Fullers, driving Peterís sales up by 44%.