Bpex awards hit the road

Butchers will get the chance to make their business stand out from the crowd by winning a Bpex award at a series of regional roadshows.

A team of judges will be visiting seven locations around England from this month until March 2010, awarding gold, silver or bronze awards for excellence in meat products.

"Quality is such an important factor for consumers when purchasing meat. For butchers to be able to promote the fact that their products are award-winning is a great sales tool in the current climate," said Keith Fisher, Bpex butchery and development manager.

There are 12 separate categories, including sausages, ready meals, meatballs and pies, as well as a section for aspiring young sausage-makers. Top scorers in each category will win the category champion title and one butcher in each region will be crowned overall champion,

The roadshow also has a rare breed award, which recognises butchers and farm shops using pedigree pigs.

Butchers winning a category champion award for these products will be entered for a special award at the 2010 grand final in London.

Full details of dates, locations and entry forms are available from www.porkforbutchers.com.