Blossom out with tulip muffins

Dawn Foods has launched a new Tulip Muffin range, which, it claimed, go great with a cup of tea or pot of coffee.

The frozen sweet bakery and ingredients specialist has unveiled five new individually wrapped muffins, with flavours including: Toffee Chocolate; Belgian Chocolate and Cappuccino; Blueberry; Lemon; and Triple Chocolate. They are presented in tulip-style brown paper cups.

The Toffee Chocolate Tulip Muffin is packed with milk chocolate chunks and toffee fudge pieces with a caramel cream sauce, while the Belgian Chocolate and Cappuccino Tulip Muffin features coffee, vanilla flavour, plain and milk chocolate chunks and plain chocolate flakes.

All of the products come in 120g and 134g sizes and offer a shelf-life of five days once defrosted.