Macsween hopes for hit with high-speed haggis

A leading haggis producer is hoping to reinvent the Scottish national dish with the launch of a new microwaveable haggis.

Macsween of Edinburgh is aiming for the convenience market with a one-minute version of its award-winning haggis.

The company said it is the first UK food product to use a new pack that can go straight into a microwave, to steam-cook two slices of Macsween's finest, traditional product. The company expects it to account for 15% of its sales within three years.

Jo Macsween, director of Macsween, said: "Our sales have continued to grow throughout the year, as consumers throughout the UK recognise that haggis is a tasty, cost-effective ingredient in a range of dishes.

“However, our research has shown latent demand for a convenience version of our product. So, here it is, no additions, no subtractions – just tasty, traditional haggis in an easy-to-use pack."

The company said the one-minute haggis is aimed at consumers who have not tried haggis before, as well as long-standing haggis eaters who only want a small portion or are time-pressed.

Macsween is the first UK company to use the new pack technology, developed in conjunction with Multi-Vac and Cry-O-Vac to steam-cook the haggis in the microwave.

The product has been launched in Glasgow and will initially be on sale from mid-November in Morrisons’ Scottish stores and 75 Waitrose stores throughout the UK. The product will be rolled out to Sainsbury's Scottish stores in January 2010, followed by Asda and Tesco's Scottish stores in April 2010.