Raid finds illegal slaughter

Trading Standards officers raided a farm in Gloucestershire and discovered sheep being illegally slaughtered in unhygienic conditions, a court heard.

Before Cheltenham Magistrates, (October 23) Yusuf Jaffer, 31, from Gloucester, admitted slaughtering animals without pre-stunning at a place other than a slaughter house, failing in a duty of care under the Animal Welfare Act, failing to stain ‘specified risk material’ to identify it as not being for consumption, and failing to return a sheep movement licence to the local authority.

His brother Hanif Jaffer, 32, also of Gloucester, admitted aiding and abetting in the slaughter of animals without pre-stunning.

The court heard that the meat at the farm at Dymock was being processed in the Halal style for the community.

Yusuf was ordered to do 200 hours’ community work and to pay £400 towards costs. Hanif and Moosa were fined £120 each with £100 costs.

After the case, Eddie Coventry, head of Gloucestershire Trading Standards, issued the following statement to local media: “There are legitimate abattoirs that provide Halal meat. These three brothers were well aware of the rules and regulations regarding the slaughter of animals for human consumption and put the farming industry at risk due to the lack of traceability of the sheep, as well as putting the community, whom they supplied, at risk due to the unhygienic conditions and the lack of veterinary inspection of the carcases.”