Dunbia refutes pay cut claims

Meat processor Dunbia has hit back at claims by union Unite that workers in Sawley, Lancashire, suffer a pay cut when taking a toilet break.

Unite has alleged that Dunbia workers are being forced to take unpaid toilet breaks during work time by being forced to clock-in and clock-off. However, Dunbia has said that workers do not suffer a pay cut as their weekly wage has increased.

A Dunbia statement read: “Employees are required to clock in and out when accessing/leaving major food processing production floor areas, including visiting the toilet, to ensure their safety and well-being on site.

“To ensure that employees do not suffer financial disadvantage, Dunbia (Sawley) increases employees’ weekly wage to compensate for toilet breaks.

“Employees are paid this additional allowance, even where they do not use the time allocated for toilet breaks.”

Dunbia added that the scheme has had the continued support of the workforce and has operated satisfactorily since its implementation over five years ago.

Unite has claimed it has been “unsuccessful” in arranging Dunbia to meet with them to “hear a collective grievance” and is urging Dunbia to reverse the policy immediately.

Regional official Cathy Rudderforth said: “We’ve made numerous attempts to speak to Dunbia on behalf of our members in recent weeks, only to be given the ‘run-around’ by a company that clearly wishes to avoid any form of challenge to the manner in which it treat its employees.”